From hustle to heart-led

It's time to create everything you've been dreaming about.

It's also time to reject stress, overwhelm and burnout for good.

Sound too good to be true?

That's because you've been fed the lie that the only way to be successful is to work harder, faster and for longer.

You've been tricked into thinking that exhaustion, overwork and overwhelm are prerequisites for success (or sadly, just getting by!).

This way of thinking is not only wrong, it's dangerous.

Working to the point of exhaustion, under constant pressure to get it all done, takes you further away from your true goals. It impacts your decision making; blocks you from seeing life-changing opportunities and robs you of an authentic and fulfilling life.

An existence of constant overwork, with no downtime, no space or pause, and no room for recuperation; not only destroys your health, your creativity and your relationships - it impacts your ability to perform to your highest potential.

The good news is you can reject that myth - for good.

Your dreams are important. Your time is precious. YOU matter.
It's time to embrace the preciousness of life and put your true priorities first.

What is Welldoing?

Welldoing is a 9-week online experience that will boost your focus, performance, and fervour for life FAST.

This course teaches you a strategic approach to learning how to live distraction-free and joyfully productive - on your terms. You will learn, step-by-step, how to take back control of your time, your wealth, and your life.

Through this fail-proof and flexible system, you will gain all the skills you need to thrive in this busy, distraction-filled world of ours.

In Welldoing you will learn how to:

  1.  Develop master productivity skills to reach your biggest goals; achieve true accomplishment and deep satisfaction in your work.
  2.  Invest in your most important relationships so the people you care about become a top priority, not an after-thought in your schedule.
  3.  Access a joyful and expansive way of living by learning to put your happiness and freedom first - and rejecting the time-stress myth that most of the world is caught up in.

Welldoing is facilitated by Johanna Scott and brought to you by Make Do Co.


Remote learning: The course is self-paced, so you can move through the content at a convenient time for you.

Accountability: The course is designed to keep you moving through and learning with each module. While you can never be "behind," the thoughtful structure and guidance means you WILL finish and gain the skills from this course, so you can ensure that this is time and money well spent!

Supportive learning: The course includes access to your coach, Johanna Scott via two live group sessions and ongoing email support. You can also engage with other members in the group to grow together.

Gain strong time-management skills: The Welldoing program is a masterclass in good time management and smart productivity. You will learn how to gain clarity on what's most important, set up behaviour-based systems to support you in meaningful work, and - paradoxically - ultimately "do" less, but achieve so much more.

Create an eco-system where you will thrive: The techniques taught in the training will help you to identify your key areas for growth; and design a tailor-made approach to suit you and your life. This approach is deeply personal.

A life lived in freedom: Ultimately, the goal is to create a life more authentic; peaceful, inspirational and free. Through the lessons in the course you will develop a confident, quiet strength you can draw on, no matter what life throws your way.

Improve your focus, performance and fervour for life!

Welldoing is THE personal coaching program for anyone who values their authenticity alongside their achievements. This 8-week online course teaches you how to use smart and strategic productivity methods to create clarity in your life and fuel greater accomplishment.

It also recognises your intrinsic human need to be fulfilled by something deep and meaningful - beyond surface level performance or productivity.

Enrolment for this transformative experience is only open for a limited time. Don't miss out on the next intake!

The strategies in Welldoing will help you to:

  1. Reframe your concept of time to access new possibilities
  2. Feel confident in your greater plan, as you complete day-to-day tasks
  3. Stay focussed on what matters most, in a world full of distractions
  4. Reduce toxic stress and overwhelm
  5. Find nourishment in new rituals and fulfilment from your relationships

Live an authentic life

Do you wish you had the courage to live a life more true to yourself, rather than the life others expect of you?

Welldoing will teach you how to tap into the most inner yearnings of your soul - and equip you with the skills to bring that vision to life.

With the help of your experienced coach, Johanna Scott, you will walk through a step-by-step process to know yourself better and come out the other side stronger, braver ... happier!

Enrolments close

September 02 2024

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This is your chance to live distraction-free and joyfully productive - on your terms

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Meet Your Teacher: Johanna Scott

Let’s build the business you imagine.
Business coaching for genuine impact, generous income and the opportunity to live life on your own terms.

Hi! I'm Jo.

I created my business Make Do Co. for people like you - small business owners, creatives, and purpose-driven entrepreneurs who value living alongside making a living.

I’m here to equip you with the skills, confidence and community to do meaningful work.

In more than a decade as a marketing consultant to small businesses and startups; and ten years as a Yoga teacher I advocate for the human being and the business.

It’s an unlikely combination but winning formula for a thriving life.
Learn more about my process.

What people are saying:

"Jo has a real skill for getting to the heart of what matters."

- Lotta H.

"I found the course captivating, mind expanding yet a down to earth guide for anyone looking to develop a quiet strength in their lives."

- Sarah F.

"Jo has such a beautiful presence and her way of teaching makes the content accessible to anyone."
- Gabby S.

Join me for the next intake!

If you want to:

  • Realise your biggest dreams.
  • Master your productivity and satisfaction in work.
  • Live a life of freedom that is joyfully focussed on what matters most;

I’d love to share this knowledge with you.

I conduct the workshop in an accessible way that encourages ongoing inquiry – with an emphasis on uncovering your own unique direction and style, making this a completely natural and authentic way of being.

You … but better!

Develop master productivity skills

Reach your biggest goals; achieve true accomplishment and deep satisfaction in your work.

Invest in your most important relationships

So the people you care about become a top priority, not an after-thought in your schedule.

Access a joyful and expansive way of living

By learning to put your happiness and freedom first - and rejecting the time-stress myth that most of the world is caught up in.

The time is now!

If the benefits of this workshop sound appealing to you – say yes!

Click the signup button below to get started, and I look forward to having you in the class. I am so committed to this work, and confident in the changes you will see.

Let's be the change we want to see!

I look forward to doing this work with you.


What is Welldoing?

Essentially, this course is all about the path of a doer, matched to wellbeing.

It is both action and presence. Doing and being.

I define Welldoing as a thoughtful commitment to doing something important, without relentless grind and mindless consumption. 

I define it as doing good, and being well.

I define a Welldoer as someone willing to write their own rules, to go against the norms of society, and instead be led by the needs of their body, mind and soul, while also acknowledging their ambition to create, change and contribute.

Who is it for?

Welldoing is for anyone seeking a joyfully productive life full of meaning.

It was made for multi-passionate creatives, entrepreneurs and ambitious small business owners who wear many many hats, have a million shiny new ideas and not enough time to create them in.

The bottom line is this: if you're ready to reject the crazy "norms" of our day and finally take back control of your time and attention - then you are a Welldoer.


Welldoing is hosted entirely online. It runs for 9-weeks and majority of the content is self-paced, meaning you watch videos and work through exercises at a time that is most convenient for you.

The “live launch” date means we all begin together, which helps shape the community element of the course. But you can never fall “behind,” because the content will available for you to catch up after kick off.

At week 3 and week 7, we will gather together for a live coaching session on Zoom.

These group coaching calls are live sessions where you get to interact with me and others in the group. These are invaluable for workshopping some of the items you've been grappling with "out loud," to get my support and learn from each other.

Key Dates

Times in AEST - find times in your own timezone.

Enrolments close: Monday 02 Sept.

Course kick-off: Monday 09 Sept.

Module 2 released: Monday 16 Sept.

Live coaching call: Tuesday 24 Sept. at 7pm
(An additional call will be scheduled to suit international students)

Module 3 released: Monday 30 Sept.

Module 4 released: Monday 07 Oct.

Week break: Monday 14 Oct. - Friday 18 Oct.

Live coaching call: Tuesday 22 Oct. at 7pm
(An additional call will be scheduled to suit international students)

Module 5 released: Monday 28 Oct.

Module 6 released: Monday 04 Nov.

Still have questions?

I'd be happy to talk more and answer any questions you have.

Send me a note at [email protected].

Don't forget that the course intake closes September 9th so don't miss that date!

Brought to you by Make Do Co.

Make Do Co. is fostering a culture of change makers empowered to build business that matters. The aim is to help people find fulfilment, foster thriving workplace cultures where great work happens, and help entrepreneurs create the kinds of businesses the world needs — which also happens to be work they love.

Make Do's current offering includes:

  • 1-1 business coaching
  • Workplace programs
  • Online courses
  • One of a kind premium retreats

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30-day guarantee

Welldoing comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You can participate in the program for the first two Modules, and if you do the work and don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise — please email [email protected] by 11:59pm AEST on Tuesday 08 October, 2024 with your completed coursework to receive a full refund.